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Facilities Management

Protech Facilities Management Services(LFMS) has developed the concept of Integrated Staffing Solutions with four principal areas of expertise providing services to support Facilities Managers in satisfying the needs of Property owners and managers.

Protech has targeted those Facility Managers who require on behalf of their clients, a superior service and standards of professionalism and excellence of the highest order.

In conjunction with its associate Protech Security, LFMS can supply fully trained personnel in each area of expertise. For example in the more security sensitive functional areas, LFMS can supply supervisors who in addition to base qualifications and experience also have Security training.

HFMS Management staff are expertly trained and experienced in building management services, people handling, diplomacy and discretion, and also additionally trained in security matters.

Auxiliary Security Services are similarly positioned, targeting specific roles requiring unique attributes over and above the normally accepted security function.

Executive Cleaning Services provide cleaning supervisors who display superior standards and who are also security trained and skilled in the corporate sensitivities required by senior management. Senior Executive offices, and areas of highly sensitive corporate strategy are key areas requiring superior service and a significant security consciousness.

Replacement Staffing can supply at short notice all manner of Building management and services personnel for short, long term or fill-in assignments.

Where discretion, superior presentation, diplomacy, standards of excellence in communication and people handling skills are a reflection of the location in which they are placed, and interaction with building visitors, occupants and their guests as well as the public is significant, Protech Facility Management Services can satisfy the need.

Protech Facilities Management Services - an understated but confident presence that will ensure the client’s image is projected and building presentation maximized.

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