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Our Migration offering provides the complete array of software and services to support moving an application to a new target platform. The Migration stage encompasses all aspects of code generation, UI migration, re-factoring and re-architecture. The result is a modernized application which has been completely transformed from the source to the target platform.

The earlier analysis phases provide a thorough understanding of the current architecture and the target architecture. So the effort of migration then is to define transformations from the source architecture to the target architecture. During this stage, we identify which of your application components can be migrated to the target platform, which components should be rewritten in the target language and which components are to be replaced by standard or off-the-shelf components. We use comprehensive code analysis tools to identify the components, assess the dependencies and the level of coupling between them as well as assess dependencies on the underlying Protech platform and libraries. Many of the core application assets, such as domain models and frameworks as well as UI layouts, tend to be good candidates for migration to the target language using our comprehensive code transformation tools.

Our methodology are intergral components in helping you analyze, assess and plan the entire transition of your Protech applications as well as perform the actual migration tasks.

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