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Staffing Services

Supplemental Staffing

Turnover, illness, maternity leave and other situations may leave you short-staffed for brief periods. Acquisitions or divestitures, annual merit time, open enrollment, reorganization or other company-wide initiatives may also require you to increase your staff for a short time. By employing Protech Associates to fill these staffing needs, you'll gain experienced payroll and human resource associates who are trained in your software, accustomed to working in a variety of organizations, and backed by a network of dedicated senior consultants.

By employing Protech Associates to fill these short-term staffing needs, you can free employees to concentrate on your core business, while we take care of your payroll or human resource departments.

HR and Payroll Administration

Do you need someone to process your payroll or help you with some of your human resource tasks? Are you nervous about the mistakes you might find if you hire a temp? Let Protech provide you a payroll or human resource professional who knows your system and the practical side of payroll and human resources departments. From data entry to compliance review, Protech's team of certified professionals can do it all.

Payroll Management

Protech provides experienced consultants to ensure that payroll is done accurately, on time. Protech has individuals certified in payroll administration who have had years of experience managing payroll departments and functions. They are also experts on your system, so they can work to maximize your department efficiencies while they oversee the processing of your payroll.

IT/ Database Administrator

Let Protech Consultants use our technical expertise to help you with your technical needs and your database administration. We specialize in handling one-off issues or full database administration. As technical needs increase and IT departments' budgets shrink, let Protech solve your technical problems within your budget.

Project Management

Protech is proven and tested in helping companies manage payroll or human resource projects. We have extensive experience managing projects from the beginning stages to testing and full implementation. Our technical and practical payroll and human resource management experience allow us to provide the best possible management of projects, to ensure they are completed accurately and on time.

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